Posted by: Tara Aarness | December 8, 2009

To Our Fallen Brothers and Sisters in Blue…

Our Fallen Heros courtesy of King 5 News

Today we sit as your caskets roll by, flags draped across, and remember how you gave your lives to protect us from people like Maurice Clemmons. So many times we have relied upon you in our darkest hour of need and without hesitation, without prejudice, you came to us offering assistance; and when the issue had been resolved, you remained to offer comfort or advice. Today we stand beside you and your families, in their darkest hour.

Fellow officers and officials ranging from local police departments and fire departments, to the Director of the FBI and officers from across the world gather to now protect you and your families that you leave behind. A procession of 3,000 emergency service vehicles, and the streets are all lined with people, paying their respects. 20,000 officers, twice as many officers as expected, have come and more are on their way. Not a word is spoken on this unusually cold December morning, yet despite the cold thousands of citizens wait to say to goodbye you.

You have brought us all together, not just a community, but a nation, and with this, you have brought change. Laws being amended, created, in hopes of preventing this incredible tragedy from happening again and even in death, you manage to protect us.

Our hearts are with you and your family Sgt. Mark Renninger, Officer Tina Griswold, Officer Ronald Owens, and Officer Greg Richards. Rest in peace knowing that your duty is done and we, a community, and a nation, will follow in your footsteps.



  1. hmm… I like your writing

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  2. that was trully sad event. people need to respect our law enforcement officers. Most of them are just tryign to ensure we are all safe.

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