Posted by: Tara Aarness | December 31, 2009

Zombies, Politicians, and Other Animals

Volcano Evacuation Route

In Washington State, there is a plethora of warning signs everywhere you look. Volcano Evacuation Routes are posted for our safety from the impending eruption of Mt. Rainier, and the ever active Mt. St. Helens. Tsunami Evacuation is posted along our coast line in lieu of the Ring of Fire’s growing activity and now a Flood Evacuation has been put in place for when the Howard Hanson Dam bursts, thus creating a new lake in the valley. But now we have a new one posted in the friendly town of Enumclaw – Zombie Evacuation. Apparently the residents of Enumclaw now have more to worry about than just the mountain blowing. Perhaps the Zombies are simply the King County Council Members looming about their quiet community. Let’s take a look.

Zombies physically eat the brains of their prey, while the King County Council Members choose to muddle issues they want to vote in, to the great extent of leaving their prey feeling as if their brains were, in fact, eaten. For example, in an effort to reduce the $60 million deficit, their reasoning for disbanding county wide animal control services for the 13th largest county in the nation, was to reduce the budget by $1.5 million yearly, and allow a private organization (Seattle Humane Society or SHS) to take control over our animals at the cost of $5 million per year.

Tsunami Hazard Signs found along the Pacific Coast

Additionally, SHS is unable to house the volume and variety of animals the current animal control sees yearly (an amount of 12,000 per year at the already established shelter vs. 6,000 at the current Seattle Humane Society shelter). Chief Executive Officer Brenda Barnette of SHS has already made agreements with the County Council Members to transport ‘unwanted’ or ‘un-adoptable’ animals to other various organizations throughout the state, therefore eliminating the need to acquire additional kennels to house additional animals and thus limiting the costs to the County Council, not the taxpayers.

Still not convinced?

For many years, the Howard Hanson Dam located on the beautiful Green River has had numerous issues. The Army Corp of Engineers has put forth their best efforts from time to time to repair the dam, however have decided to throw in the towel during Seattle’s rainy season, letting Mother Nature have her way with the numerous businesses that employ most of South King County and parts of Pierce County. The King County Council has prepared a Flood Evacuation Packet for the various residents and businesses, urging the purchase of flood insurance. Many businesses weigh the cost of flood insurance in addition to the temporary (for no matter how long) close of their business vs. the cost of simply relocating to drier ground, often outside of King County.

Setting aside employment issues in a recession, I turn my thoughts toward food and where it comes from. Kent Valley, located along the scenic Green River, houses many warehouses that store the food brought in from across the nation. Grocery store chains then pick up and distribute the food to many cities, including Seattle, where Dow Constantine and his family live. With Seattle’s history of rainfall and the severe deterioration of the dam, there comes a very real threat that the citizens in all of King County will need to stock up on supplies, or face grocery stores rivaling those in Russia.

November, 2009 brought another election day and most of us voted what we felt to be the right choice. As the realities of our decisions come to light, many are contemplating just what, exactly, they have done and how they are to survive the next few years. Maybe the path to Zombie Freedom lies just beyond Enumclaw and into Buckley, or maybe there really is no escape from the Zombies that make up our society and even parts of ourselves.



  1. I think those signs can be useful to help people deal with a natural disaster but i had never seen so many disasterous signs!
    The zombie one is awesome :D… but feel they’re forgetting the most cool threats: ninjas and pirates 🙂

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