Posted by: Tara Aarness | February 3, 2010

Hollywood Edition of Vanity Un-Fair Now on News Stands!

Has anyone caught the new cover of Vanity Fair? Yahoo! Sure as hell did and my first thought was, oh great, now what’s the issue? More Photoshopping? What, are the models or actresses too fat? Taking a closer look at the cover, I, too, noticed the familiarity of the pale skin, just waiting to be scorched by a fleck of sun and noticed, too, that each of the four actresses that grace the cover are all have less body fat than South American stick insects. But what honestly caught my attention was their similarities, as in the lack of variety.

Each woman whether alone or together are beautiful and I imagine talented (haven’t seen many movies recently), however after researching a few of the names that Yahoo! Listed as possible women to add a bit of life to the cover, I feel that several of them would have been better choices.

My absolute favorite mentioned, though, was Gabourey Sidibe. Googling her name and reading a brief biography of her, I’m instantly impressed with the fire that I see in her eyes and her determination to blaze her own trail. Additionally, she’s not the standard Hollywood, stick figure that if you turned sideways, they’d disappear. She has real curves and frankly, I think she’s down right sexy.

Zoe Saldana is positively stunning, though she seems to fit the standard Hollywood A-List, so I’m truly surprised not to see her on the cover. Maybe Vanity Fair felt she’s too hot and would over shadow the others? Since I haven’t seen a film of hers, I cannot comment on her acting ability; someone will have to fill me in, hopefully.

Freida Pinto (an unfortunate last name) fits into the category of ‘Wow! Look at her!’ and certainly would fit in well with the Hollywood A-Listers.

While I’m certain there are others, I’m too out of touch with the recent films and up and comers to nominate an additional assortment of actresses. Particularly in this day in age where we voted in an African-American President, it only stands to reason then that the glamour magazines of our time should follow suit and open their minds beyond just the pale, anorexics that grace the silver screens and instead, proudly publish a diversity of women on their glossy covers.


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