Posted by: Tara Aarness | February 14, 2010

Feelin’ the Love

As Valentine’s Day wraps up, many of us are lingering over the chocolates and other sweets our loves have adorned us with. The break of dawn will yeild a new day and a new sale, only this one will be almost too good to resist. Half priced chocolate.

That’s right, ladies, not just the chocolate we all crave, not just the nugat, the caramel, the truffles that come in delightful heart shaped boxes, but all of this at a reduced price! What’s worse, is the fact that the longer you hold out, the lower the price. Granted as each day passes, the variety slims, (wish I could say the same about my waistline, but then if I could, I wouldn’t be signing up for the SELF Challenge then, would I?) but hey, chocolate is chocolate, right?

So to all of you women participating in the Challenge who, like I, feed your love, I salute you as we stand shoulder to shoulder and hip to hip, sweating, grunting, yet able to look ourselves in the mirror and honestly say, ‘I look damn good today.’


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