Posted by: Tara Aarness | July 5, 2010

A Peaceful Night

Tonight the United States of America celebrated the 234th anniversary of her independence, punctuating the event with ‘bombs bursting in air’ across neighborhoods and cities all across this great country. As I sit here typing this under the glow of computer screen accented by grandiose pyrotechnic displays, I can feel the percussion deep in my chest and I don’t even have to look behind me to know that it rattled our windows.

Occasionally the voices and laughter of families and friends can be heard, strangers passing by and welcomed, and it seems for one night, every one of us puts our differences aside, and stand united. For one night, we are the America that the world sometimes believes that we are.

It’s not easy living up to others expectations and we’re still a relatively young country, just trying to survive on our own without parental guidance. We’re not perfect, and we are riddled with fault, but then again, which country or person isn’t?

Words ‘freedom’ and ‘independence’ have various meanings for each one of us, regardless of country of birth. Just as each meaning is vastly different from person to person, each reason for that meaning varies. So for every person on this planet who has obtained freedom, regardless of form, regardless of importance, this celebration is for you.


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