Posted by: Tara Aarness | July 7, 2010

An Old Fashioned Love Story

He was once told me he was captivated by her the moment his eyes rested upon the beauty behind the glass.

In the busy street, on that cold October day, he watched her as she slid her arms through her winter coat, trying to drum up enough courage to ask this enchantress out on a proper date. He would do anything for her.

With butterflies dancing in his stomach, he struck up a conversation and struggled to comprehend what she was saying, as this Angel from God gazed adoringly up at him, and he knew, she was The One. The way her head tilted in thought, the way her slender fingers moved, but it was the way she held herself that made the certainty ring through him and he knew he would love her until the end of time.


The dreariness of the onset of winter did nothing to lift her spirits as she sat behind her desk, waiting for her life to begin. A quick glance out the window and her breath caught as she saw the most gorgeous man she’d ever seen standing on the sidewalk. Nerves replaced her calm demeanor and with a sickening sense, she worried that her lipstick had worn off and that perhaps her hair had fallen. I must look a wreck, she thought, and she sent a silent prayer that she was still somewhat presentable.

The clock struck twelve, signaling her lunch break, and she gathered her winter coat, worn, but still in good condition. Another quick glance assured her that he was still just on the other side of the glass, waiting for his gal, she surmised with a sinking heart.

Walking out the door, all she could think about was his broad shoulders, confident smile, expensive suit, and wavy hair that made her weak in the knees. Hardly believing her luck, he spoke to her, his voice filling the void in her soul and she immediately knew that at last, her life had begun and that he was The One.


Halloween was their first date and boy, what a night! The dinner, the champagne, the dancing, oh the dancing! The way he glided her across the floor made her feel as if she were Ginger Rogers and he was Fred Astaire. Couples literally stopped to watch them and their applause was nearly deafening.

Lee and Mildred’s July 5th wedding was nothing short of spectacular and the arrival of their only daughter, Kay, brought them closer together. Regardless of the hard times they faced, the dancing never stopped, nor did the applause.

In later years, frequent trips to Hawaii only broadened their love for one another, as they danced the night away. To this very day, people still speak of their graceful moves, the way he glowed when she was in his arms, her slender waist, her elegant dresses that twirled on the dance floor, and those impossibly high heels that only someone with her confidence and beauty could carry off. They may have never graced the silver screen, but to all who knew them, they were movie stars.

Their loved and ageless beauty remained with them for over 60 years as life carried them along and while many things have changed, one thing still remains the same. That little bit of magic on that All Hallow’s Eve night long ago.

An Everlasting Love



  1. interesting post !! 🙂

  2. What a lovely story. Are they your parents?

    • Thank you, Arlys. They are my grandparents and this was written specifically for them, though my grandfather did pass away few years ago. Despite his absence, their love is still present and I know my grandmother misses him. Every July 5th, I can’t help but think of them and the love they shared.

      Thank you for reading.

  3. I started to read and something was telling me it had been a true story. at the bottom of the page when I read your reply found out that ‘something’ was right surprisingly. I wish I could have such a love life with my wife…

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