Posted by: Tara Aarness | August 31, 2010

Victoria’s Secret Squirrel

As you’re well aware, I volunteer for my local animal shelter. Last night as I started my shift, my husband greeted me, clearly excited, and immediately asked with a devilish look in his eye, ‘Do you mind if I bring a cute, young thing home with us for the night?’ Ah, the threesome fantasy surfaces once again…

We were in the feed room where my, uh, ‘desk’ sits, and among the litter pans, dog bowls, and other various animal related paraphernalia, sat a standard cage that temporarily houses trapped cats brought in by frustrated or concerned citizens. Rather than being empty, though, there was something living and breathing in it and I kept catching glimpses of a little nose peeking through.  Forgetting about his request, my fascination took over and then it all became clear – his cute, young thing consisted of a baby squirrel, not more than two or three weeks old, and my volunteering would extend through the night as we once again assumed the role of foster parents.

Two boys had noticed the abandoned squirrel and began throwing rocks at her, causing minor injuries. An eight year old girl bravely chased the boys off, and then brought it directly to the shelter in a Victoria’s Secret bag, where she tearfully handed ‘Victoria,’ as she called her, over to my husband.

 After the vet’s examination where the squirrel they pronounced her in decent health, they made arrangements for her to be transferred to a local vet that would care for her until she could be placed in her new home, at a wildlife sanctuary. However, it was late enough in the day that the vets office was closed, and Victoria, like a human infant, needed round the clock care.

And that is how my husband had his threesome.

Victoria, the Secret Squirrel




  1. They’re pretty cute when they’re sleeping.
    Not so cute when they steal your car and go for a joy ride though.
    Better hide your keys.

  2. Awww – this is so precious! And the only kind of threesome I’d consider!

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